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About Us

Our Centre is licensed by Department of Educaton & Communities to provide a high quality educational program for up to 80 children a day who are 6 weeks to 5 years of age.


We provide an enjoyable and challenging child centered learning environment where children are encouraged to learn through play so that they will develop a positive attitude toward learning.
Our programs focus on the social, emotional, physical, cognitive, language/literacy, numeracy and creative development of the individual child.
To broaden the children's appreciation and knowledge about nature, the environment, sustainability and our local community, we often take the children for walks outside our centre.
Testimonial - We love CDELC.  Our children love it.  The centre has quality, highly experienced educators and teachers who facilitate wonderful hands-on, interesting and creative activities.  At home, we have so many "where did they learn that?" moments, and the answer is always 'daycare'.  Every afternoon, one of the wonderful educators is able to tell us what sort of day our children had, ofter with a funny story or a moment of discovery.  I love that our children are encouraged to explore, play, create and get messy.  They go on bush walks, excursions and are preparing for school by learning about and developing positive relationships, self-help skills and gaining self- confidence.  There is a family atmosphere.  Some of my children's favourite activities include learning about colour by playing twister......but with paint on the twister mat, a purpose built police station, car building with boxes, gardening, cooking 'wombat stew', playing with shaving foam and designing robots.  Thank you CDELC!  As a teacher myself, I recently attended an Early Learning Summit.....I sat through the whole conference thinking about how CDELC already does all of the things that are recommended by the leading EC experts (including the EC advisor of Play School).  So well done CDELC for being ahead of the game!!  (Samantha H)
Parent & Community Involvement
We believe that our families, Educators, volunteers and the wider community play an essential role in providing equitable care in our Service.  We strive to build a strong collaborative partnership with our families and local community to provide the best care and learning experiences for each individual child.  Parents are encouraged to visit the centre and share their experiences & skills with the children.


We believe that our wonderful team of educators are one of our greatest assets.  Our centre has a very low staff turnover.  We believe that having long term staff provides security and a sense of belonging for our families and children.  It also provides our children and parents the continuity that plays a significant role in promoting our children's learning and development.


Child Care Benefit (CCB) is a payment from the Australian Government that helps you with the cost of your child care. For further information you can contact the Family Assistance Office on 136 150.


Further Testimonials:

Love Chelmsford Drive!  I do 2 x 45 min round trips, three days a week to take my children to this wonderful centre.  Surpasses all my local centre and I completely trust the beautiful staff.  My children adore their teachers.  Couldn't ask for a better place or people to have my children for me.    (Beth F)




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